My youngest son’s 3rd birthday was when I first conceived of the drop. It was the point at which I realised that the mountain of recycling from his outrageous amount of presents was but a mere drop in the ocean. The other mountain was worse - unrecyclable plastic, and destined for that ocean.

We have to consume less.

What can I do? I run a small but effective design agency in Cambridge helping the world’s best ideas come to life. Like most design companies, we source print, packaging, and merchandise for many clients.

We, as designers, need to take a stand.

Our aim is to disrupt the print industry by demanding standards that are currently not in place. We want to ensure that all print and packaging is sourced, handled, printed, delivered and recycled in the most sustainable way possible. No plastic.

We advise clients, and we are always learning, but we want to go further. We have realised the industry is corrupt - not because it is evil, but because of demand. Consumers demand cheap and fast. This has to change.

We want the print industry to come under scrutiny. Our first phase is to empower designers so they know what they are sourcing and how to make the right choice for their clients.

We want to help create standards that will become commonplace.

This is just the beginning...